Penance are:
Jon “Warlock” Montague – Vocals
George Roberts – Drums
Gaz Lynch – Bass
Josh Brown – Lead Guitar
Sam Storey – Rhythm Guitar

Formed in 2009 by George Roberts and Simon Lupton,
Wanting to create music with the same feel and energy as bands such as Iron Maiden and Metallica, they began the writing process recruiting Gaz on bass that same year bringing in a different approach to their songs with influences from bands such as Mr. Bungle and Opeth.
With now a very wide range of musical tastes they had a foundation for a band that they were happy with.
Closely followed by Jon who saw an ad localy placed by the band, joining at the end of 2009 Penance were born.
As a four piece the band started playing shows locally in Surrey, once they had enough material written they began writing their first album “Last Rites” self released in 2010
The band had latched onto a sound they loved and material just kept coming, ideas for a second album were on the horizon but they needed something more.
In 2011 Josh entered the band after seeing one of Penance’s shows at a local venue and was asked to join the band, he turned up with a 7 string guitar, down tuned, he picked up the songs pretty quickly after already owning “Last Rites” he had a head start.
The band felt complete and began to increase the amount of live shows played, venturing further afield.
With a fresh pair of ears to the band it wasnt long before demos for “Dawn Of A New (sav)Age” were created and set in stone ready to go into the studio Late 2011.
With release on March 25th 2013 “Dawn Of A New (sav)Age” Penance have features in Terrorizer Magazine and reviews from all over europe.

May 2013, after a long discussion between Penance and founding member Simon on Tuesday the 7th of May they have decided to part their ways and we wish Simon all the best for future projects.

Enter Sam Storey to the Penance family, joining after auditioning for the band with the same influences and mind set as the rest of the band he fitted straight in.

Penance have few shows booked this year(2013) due to Drummer George’s operation, but now are booking after his speedy recovery ready to bringĀ  back true metal to the scene!